Tuesday 6 September 2011

Welcome ye fellow Fundamentalists!

The Stock Markets have always fascinated me. The wild swings that make and break fortunes. The swashbuckling punters, ever ready to wager the last bit in the hope of hitting jackpot. The mauling bears. The bulls on rampage. The sheer energy of addiction … it never ceases to awe, to take the breath away.

But why do scrip prices move the way they do? Some, like soothsayers can look into the emerging pattern of price movement and can predict their future directions. Some rely on gossip, whispered “tips” to play for fame and fortune. Some even device ways and means to manipulate making money as a byproduct of the sleight of hand. While others just follow what the big boys do, putting their monies in scrips allegedly patronized by the big and the mighty.

However, none of these strategies work for me and I remain what I always were – a hard core fundamentalist. I believe that prices move up and down based on solid fundamental reasons. If a company is doing well its success will be reflected in its scrip price and vice versa. My effort here will be to track companies with potential on the upside – companies that are expected to do well. Future success stories that  we would like to study in the present.

This will by no means another blog to spread “informed” gossip or sure fire tips. Remember, it is not God’s duty to make you rich. Neither is it mine. Whether you buy or sell based on what you read here is entirely your call. I am not here to give advice. I am here from the purely academic desire to study a phenomenon. And yes I do not play the markets. I am far too un ambitious a romantically poor to be doing so!  

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